Eniko is currently in development. It is deployed on Ropsten at 0xF87C6311EA1DbE9178407E6E345d772aaDdAecb4. The intention is to deploy on MainNet once the remaining features have been implemented and tested.

Eniko hosts a series of other contracts, known as Eniko Apps, which provide core functionality. In order to facilitate initial development, Eniko Apps can be re-deployed by the founder until 02.02.22. This will continue to be the case after MainNet deployment. After 02.02.22 Eniko will become fully autonomous and updates to Eniko Apps will only be possible via a ballot.

Eniko itself is the blockchain deployment, there is no right or wrong UI for accessing it. Access to Eniko via this website is purely for demonstration purposes. We encourage others to build new apps for accessing Eniko.

We welcome all developers to contribute towards Eniko. You can contribute development work to Eniko and access the repo below.

Thanks in advance for your contributions!