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Join us on an adventure in thought

Why Eniko?

When was the last time you did a good thing? Perhaps you offered to carry your elderly neighbor’s shopping.

Why was that a good thing to do?


Keep asking yourself why until you find yourself saying "it just is" or "that doesn't need justification".

You have now reached a principle. It is something that you don't question, you take as being a fixed, irrefutable truth.

Roughly how many of these principles do you think you have?

How many different principles do you think exist across society?

Across the world today we are reaching more and more unresolvable conflicts. We are in conflict with ourselves, we are in conflict with other people and we are in conflict with our environment. This is because we have so many principles. Wherever we have more than one principle we create the potential for unresolvable conflict.

Imagine two people debating a point. They do this by explaining why their point is correct in the same way that you have just explained why what you did was a good thing. But what happens when, like you, they reach principles and those principles are not the same? Rational reasoning breaks down. When this happens we try to resolve differences by irrelevant factors such as rhetoric, physical power or racial prejudice.

You can have the same problem with yourself. If you have more than one principle you create the possibility for unresolvable personal conflict. You can reach a point where rational reasoning can no longer allow you to agree with yourself.

The only way to avoid personal conflict it is to have one principle. The only way for society to avoid lowering itself to violence, discrimination and injustice is for society to share one principle.

What is Project Eniko?

Eniko is derived from the Greek word meaning singular.

Project Eniko is a philosophical adventure to explore the idea of living by a single principle. It starts with one principle and crowdsources consequences from that principle.

Project Eniko is still very young. With your help it will grow into a crowdsourced ideology owned and developed by you. It will help you to live with yourself and it will help us all to live with each other and our planet.