Enter Eniko

What is the point of a nation if not to serve its citizens?
What is it that unites those citizens if not a shared purpose?

Eniko is a simple, decentralized, transparent and open nation. Simple makes life easy. Decentralized prevents corruption. Transparent means that there are no hidden agendas. Open because everyone is included.


Eniko consist of two interwoven themes. The first is a mechanism to serve the needs of its citizens. The second is a tree of consequences all stemming from a shared purpose. The processes that enable this to happen are simple, efficient and autonomous. There is no bureaucracy.


Eniko is not bound by any geography. Why should we define nations by lines on a map? Eniko is wherever you want it to be. It is hosted on the Ethereum blockchain. This means that Eniko is duplicated over thousands of independent nodes spread across the world. It does not rely on any single points and therefore cannot be corrupted.


The governance of Eniko is visible to everyone. It is handled by simple smart contracts which are easy to understand and immutable. Everybody knows where they stand, and nobody can cheat their fellow citizens.


Every citizen of the world is a citizen of Eniko. To be a part of Eniko there are no conditions to be met, no sharing of personal information required, and no admin.

Anyone can anonymously:
  •  Share your needs and problems
  •  Connect directly to people who can provide solutions to you
  •  Make a difference by providing solutions to needs and problems
  •  Be rewarded for your solutions
  •  Support and sponsor solutions
  •  Challenge solutions which don’t adhere to Eniko’s purpose
  •  Evolve Eniko’s purpose by editing it and adding consequences
  •  Become an author by adding public consequences
  •  Add private consequences, specifically relevant to you or your groups

Authors can:
  •  Approve or reject new or edited consequences of Eniko’s purpose
  •  Vote in ballots
  •  Appoint a successor

Eniko serves the needs of its citizens and allows them to unite in developing its shared purpose together.